Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1

Cash Only

So, we actually started our fast on January 2nd. Chris had a desperate plea to start Sunday, since the last OU game was Saturday night and he wanted to get snacks. I relented, since he just looked so sad. What can I say, I'm a softy when it comes to him. Anyway, I spent Saturday preparing our (healthy) menu for the week and getting cash for our gas and groceries. It felt really weird to get $175.00 out of the ATM. Well, actually I couldn't get 175, because the ATM only does transactions in 20s, so I had to get out 160 and use the 20 I had in my purse.

Our budget is 75 for groceries a week and 50 each for gas for 2 weeks.

I spent...
$ 13.00 on produce at Sunflowers (its a Farmer's Market that has really cheap fruits & veggies)
$54.00 at Safeway on the everything else
leaving me 8 bucks for paper towels and chicken at King Soopers ( I knew I could get it cheaper there then at Safeway)

It felt really strange to use cash for groceries. I took me forever to shop, because I was comparing ounces and prices and labels. I also watched the checkout process like a hawk, making sure all my sale items were ringing up as such. Already calculating in my head what I would put back if I needed to. But, I actually did ok! I came home really excited almost texting Chris about my successful shopping trip. We are totally out of grocery money, so we have to make what we've got work till Saturday. Which is scary, since we've always had the option to run to the store and get something. So I'm hoping all my planning will get us through.

Other than that, it's been snowy and cold here, so Chris and I weren't even tempted to get out of the house yesterday. We both just watched TV, read and just hung out. I cooked dinner and I started putting up all the Christmas stuff.

I think the real challenge is going to be the work week. When old habits rear their ugly heads and tempt us. Chris and I both have come gift cards and fun money that we can use in those instances, but I'm hoping we won't resort to those too often in our 21 days.

I count Day 1 a success!

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Misty said...

I'm impressed! When you get your meal planning down, will you do mine?