Monday, April 20, 2009

Keeping up with the Jones's

For all those who care, the weather is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous this week. It was glorious today, a far cry from the 2 feet of snow we got Friday! Still, the snow has melted and today I sported short sleeves and open toed shoes. It was fabulous!

As of a couple of weeks ago, we gave our 60 day notice to our apartment and in the process of finding a house. Initially we thought a rent house, then got the stimulus itch and filled out all the paperwork to buy. I started thinking about the stress that can come with finding a house, down payments, closing costs and then a morgage. After much (internal) worrying from me and a very perceptive husband we decided to go ahead and wait. We took a step back and just breathed. We never sent the paperwork in. Then I just felt... I dunno, kinda lame I guess. .You see, I have a terrible habit of comparing myself to every couple our age or younger for that matter. A lot of my friends are buying houses or already have beautiful homes. It just seemed like EVERYONE was buying and what the heck was wrong with us if we weren't! And while we are on the subject of everyone else, how come I'm not knocked up yet? Why am I not on my second kid by now? Well.... I guess because I moved to a new state less than a year ago. And maybe because we are starting a church. And buying a house and having a baby AND starting a church might be really stressful. I mean really! And maybe we just aren't like everyone else. Maybe following God's call and being obedient to that means we do things at different times than everyone else or in a different order. And maybe I should stop comparing myself and Chris to everyone else, because being a Christian means you are different. You just are. We just are. I might not have a dream house in a few years or be on my second kid, but I'll be apart of Refuge Community Church. And I'll get to be apart of something bigger than myself and truly see God work in people's lives. I'll get to share my home with new friends and old friends. And live my Colorado adventure with my beloved. (And Rufus) Maybe keeping up with those Jones's isn't such a big deal after all. I just need to focus on keeping up with the Richardsons.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


The weather outside is sorta frightful... we were supposed to get 13 -16 inches last night and today and we didn't. I am so glad, because I am so over the snow for this year. But it sure is cold and windy and not very spring weather. I think I talk about the weather in like every post, but that is because I'm kinda obsessed with it here. It's crazy. That's all I have to say about it. Crazy.

The other crazy thing in my life is Chris's new job. Yep, he got a promotion! We are really thrilled... really! (I know two girls here in Denver that have hubbys out of work) So, don't let my blog title make you think that we are not thankful for the extra money in our bank account. Because we are thankful! What I am not as thankful is for him working nights now. He goes into work at 9:00 pm and comes home at 6:30 am. Like I said... UGH. It may not sound all that "ugh" to you and it didn't immediately sound bad to me either. But it's horrible. We never see eachother. Because his days off are now Sunday and Monday and he still has to keep his sleeping cycle, which means he doesn't get up until 2ish. Not much time left in the day to hang out. And then back to work for me on Monday. Last night when Chris was getting ready to leave, I had a mini breakdown. I couldnt help it. I really never consider myself a needy wife and he has only been doing about 2 weeks, but I couldn't help it. The water works started and continued even after he left. I hate this new job and I am praying that Denver Rescue Mission promotes him quick!

So that is my "ugh". Cold weather and no husband. What is a girl to do?