Thursday, January 24, 2008

A Wiener Dog

I haven't posted in a while because frankly, I haven't really had anything interesting to talk about. But, I do have a funny story, and please know as you read this I am a much funnier story teller than I am writer. So please take this in consideration and imagine me telling the story to you in person.

Recently, Chris and I have found a church to not only belong to but to serve in. We are now youth ministers. Well not quite, but hopefully if the church votes on it we will be. Anyhow, Sunday we met two new kids. Clay and Tyler. 11 and 13. Both very nerdy, very into video games and that morning... very sleepy. They both just trudge in and pretty much fall into their chairs and go to asleep. They might have grunted their names to us, but I doubt it. So, the group is talking about "Persecution." Not sure why, but that's not really the point. Well somehow Tyler, the oldest of the two, woke up long enough to inform us that "Clay almost died when he was a little kid." Not only am I shocked to notice Tyler came out of his coma, but I'm thinking "Where did that come from?" So of course we all say things like "oh, wow!" "What happened" "Man, that's crazy". Tyler goes on to say "Yeah, his face was almost bitten off by a dog." Which of course is followed up with the question "What kind of dog was it?" That's when Clay, who has been asleep this entire time, lifts his head up long enough to say " A wiener dog". Then drops his head and falls back asleep, leaving us to look at each other awkwardly and change the subject. I am dying, DYING inside. I just want to bust out laughing. Really.... a wiener dog? That's your near death experience?! Even now I can't help but giggle.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Looking Forward...literally

I am looking forward to celebrating two years with my husband.
I am looking forward to Chris graduating from Truett Seminary with a Masters in Divinity.
I am looking forward to becoming more experienced at my job as a marketer.
I am looking forward to moving to Denver, Colorado and beginning a new chapter in our lives.
I am looking forward to buying a home or condo or townhouse or something where we can stop paying rent and start making financial sense and cents. (sorry. couldn't resist)
I am looking forward to getting some puppies. Little Leo and Ezra are just going to be so fun.
I am looking forward to making new friends, new memories and new goals for this year.

What are you looking forward to?