Thursday, October 25, 2007

Truett Wives Club

Yep, that's right. I am an official new member of the Truett Wives Club. My first official meeting was on Monday. I was a little nervous and skeptical going into it, but I ended up loving it. The thing is being a wife of a seminary student is hard, but it is harder being a pastor's wife. The past year in a half I have felt very alone as the wife of a pastor. I would often vent to the youth ministers wife, and that did help. But, on Monday I really felt like these women really understood. (Most of their husbands are pastors in small churches.) It was wonderful. I look forward to having a network of pastor wives that I can call on in ten years and just vent. Someone who knows what it is like to be under a microscope, to have your husband criticized over nothing, to feel trampled on and sometimes to feel just worn out. I hope to make some life long friends with these strong Christian women who just know how it feels. And that can make all the difference in the world.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

An 8 to 5er

Well, I absolutely LOVE my new job. Not that I have actually done any of what my new job consists of, but I still love it. So far I've done normal orientation stuff, watch videos, take tests on the computer and shadow co-workers. I work with all women, well except for like three older men. And if anyone knows what it is like to work with an entire staff of women, it is crazy! It can usually go one of two ways. They can be uplifting and a real blessing to your life, or they can be gossipy and crass. The later of the two is the who I work with. But, hey... I'm not going to be in that particular office all that often and not even in my office in Waco, very often, so I think I'm good. I am also loving being home at a decent hour and eating dinner with Chris. Anyhow, so far so good. I'm excited to eventually get to meet with Physicians and market my hospice to them, or give inservices to the nursing staff. I'll keep you updated with more details.