Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Bloging drought

ok, ok i know. it's been awhile... a drought, really. so a few quick updates, and i promise something more soon.

1. chris and i are going to seattle this summer! we were going to california, but things change and now we are headed to see the space needle. I REALLY want to stay here! it's perfect, no?
2. i am re-reading all of the harry potter books. i love that dang wizard.
3. the past few months, i've been choosing a word and meditating and praying about it. this month the word is joy. i even have the word displayed in a few places around my house.
4. confession. i love gwyneth paltrow. i loved her even more after seeing this.
5. i'm obsessed with this song.
6. a couple of weeks ago someone tweeted a quote from chris's sermon. i thought i was going to burst with pride.
7. it has hardly snowed at all in denver this year. i couldn't be happier. :)
8. i'm going to buy these with my fun money next month. they'll come in hand when it does snow.
9. on my christmas list will be all three twilight movies.
10. and speaking of christmas... we took christmas pictures for the first time this year. so i'll need your addresses to send you a card!