Sunday, June 13, 2010

today is...

rainy and cold. a high of 51 degrees. in the middle of june, no less. and i'm working today after three days of jury duty. Can anyone say LAME? so I have been thinking of things i enjoy, so as not to be totally bummed out. here's what i came up with. not extraordinary, but it's all i have, so bare with me. or is it bear?

1. friends coming to denver for a visit. (kerri fisher and the johnsons. i promise to show ya'll a good time.)

2. pandora. its all that's kept me sane today.

3. my MAC superglass lipgloss

4. top chef is starting back on wednesday after a way too long hiatus

5. getting a new grill.

6. rufus, my dog. who has the cutest dog face i've ever seen.

7. movies in the park.

8. buying an adorable cupcake stand to put these on. :)

9. sending this sweet friend her baby care package

10. and see this sweet friend's new baby! born on friday and so adorable that i just can't wait to squeeze him!

and just to prove that rufus really does have the cutest dog face ever, here's a picture. it's when he was a puppy, but who cares! plus i love this little family picture!