Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Two Years Ago...

Today, two years ago, Christopher Gene Richardson asked me to be his wife. Today, two years ago, he told me the words that I had longed to hear for two and half years. He said, "Robin I love you, will you be my wife?" Actually, I'm don't really remember him asking me to marry him, after he said I love you, I just started crying and it was pretty much over from there.You see, Chris always said he would never tell a girl he loved her, until he was ready to marry her. After that, I just cried, hugged and kissed him and cried and hugged him some more and then kissed him some more.
From the first date I had with Chris, I knew I wanted to marry him. I loved his deep questions, the way he smirked when he said something sarcastic, his humbleness, sense of humor and of course his good looks. Our relationship from there was quite a roller coaster of emotions. But, I wouldn't trade any of it now. I know that is has strengthened us. Although, we are so different, really complete opposites about most everything, I know those differences only enrich our relationship.
I love Chris Richardson more than I can possibly explain. He is the most important person in my life. I am so happy that today, two years ago, he asked me to be his wife. He is everything I never knew I always wanted.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Garage Sale went great! I was super exhausted from it all. Staying up late and getting up at 5:15 am was super hard, but it feels really good to be rid of a bunch of junk. And I made a pretty good profit too.
Almost the entire house is packed up. Boxes are everywhere and my house is so messy and a tad on the dirty side. Oh well. That's just how moving goes I guess. I hope to have everything in either a box, suitcase, dufflebag or garbage can by Thursday. That way I can clean the house top to bottom Thursday night and then Chris will have us moved on Friday. That gives me a day, to try and get as much unpacked as possible before we leave for Oklahoma City for 5 days. Then another 2 days to try and get the rest of it unpacked before we leave for the beach for 4 days. So, while I am very excited about moving and about vacation and I am also feeling a little nervous and anxious about how everything is going to work out.
I did hear back from two of the jobs that I interviewed for. One offered me the job, but didn't pay enough to support me and Chris. The other called back today and I have a second interview with them on Friday. I'm trying to remain calm and collected about moving without a "for sure" job. But, I know that God will provide.

Monday, July 2, 2007

One man's trash is another ones...

Gosh, I feel like all I ever talk about is my move or my ongoing job search. But, that really is all that's going on right now. That and my super huge garage sale this Saturday! Three co-workers/friends are joining me in my pursuit to get rid of junk and make a little cash at the same time. I'm pretty excited about it. Brownwood is like the garage sale mecca of the world. And the people here are crazy about them. I'm hoping for a nice day with lots of eager customers with cash to spend. We are selling two recliners, a love seat, a computer, VCR and VHSs (lame I know), two sets of dishes, drinking glasses, decorations, picture frames, purses, shoes and the list goes on. What fun!