Sunday, January 25, 2009

New Friends

Last night Chris and I went out with some new friends. Sarah and Kyle Hunter. I met Sarah at work, she is the social worker at my nursing home. She did her under grad at Baylor and that's how we got to talking. Mostly, because I am so nosey and anytime I see anything representing Texas I have to bring it up. Anyway, she is our age and married and really, really great. Last week she asked me if Chris and I would want to hang out with her and her husband. It was all I could do not to hug her and jump up and down. I have been trying to make friends, but people are kinda non-committal about it here. Which is weird to me, because everyone I meet says they want more couple friends, but never want to hang out. Anyway..... Well, I made myself wait until I got in the car to call Chris and tell him the good news. I was that excited!

So, we met them at a their house, which in the very same area, we want to buy a house! They took us to a cool pizza place and then we went back to their house and played rock band! It was really fun and I think even Chris had fun playing. I always have to assess everything when we get in the car, and we both really liked them and had a good time. Which is also nice. Sometimes the wives will get along, but the husbands not so much. Or the other way around, so I was thrilled that everybody hit it off. Hopefully this is the start to a beautiful friendship!

Now we have 4 friends in Colorado. I'm a pretty happy girl.

Friday, January 16, 2009

This week

I am watching TLCs "What Not To Wear" and they are doing jeans. Geez... will someone nominate me for that show already?! I want a new pair of jeans, so bad that I could cry. Ok, maybe not cry, but I really want some new jeans.

The job is good. First week down, and that is always the hardest. In my opinion anyway. I am the Marketing and Admissions Director of a long term care facility. It's a little crazy and I think that I have determined that I will not be perusing the Nursing Home administrator thing anymore. It's just not for me. In general, I think I have ruled out nursing homes as any kind of job possibility. But hey, its a job and with this crazy economy, I'm just glad to have a job! Plus no more working on the weekends and 10 hour days.

This week as been really rough. Not just because I started the new job.... just been a bad week. I've been a big jerk to Chris and kind of negative of about a lot of things. Tomorrow, when Chris is at basketball, I need to spend some time with God and get my heart cleaned up and back in order.

On a high note, the weather has been glorious in Denver! Sunny and in the 50s and 60s. Absolutely gorgeous and I've been able to loose the coat, scarf and gloves for a few afternoons. It really has been great. Almost like Texas. Which reminds me. I really miss Texas. I miss Tex-Mex food, the people, and the accents.

Whew! I am so ready for this weekend. I gonna rest, clean, spend time hanging out with Chris and just enjoy my life.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Today Friends

I quit my temp job, BECAUSE..... I am starting my new job on Monday!