Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Baby, it is COLD outside!

After a beautiful 72 degree weather yesterday, Denver is getting slammed by about 10 inches snow! I am so over the winter. I think these might help my wait for summer go just a little bit faster.

Go HERE for the full recipe.

p.s. Thanks HWTM for something to look forward to!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

An ending and a beginning

I'm sitting on my couch this Sunday morning, watching dumb reruns of Beverly Hill 90210 and online shopping at my favorite store Anthroplogie.

And I am thinking about how nice it is to not have much to do today, just grocery shop and put up a few dishes, maybe follow up on a few items I saw online, in the store. But I am also thinking about how next Saturday will be the first public service of Refuge Community Church. I'm kinda of in awe because it feels like this has been such a long time coming. Like 3 years coming.

Next Saturday when the music starts, and all the voices sing in unison, it will be the start of something new. Chris will preach his first Denver sermon and we'll be off. But, I want to reflect on where we came from. When we first met over chicken kabobs, peach tea and lots of excitement. Then we moved into regular Sunday evening meetings, discussing controversial topics, defending our thoughts and sharing our hearts. We squished on each other's couches, lounged on the floor and had lots coffee breaks. We laughed together, introduced new members and sometimes we cried. Ok, I cried. We started out as almost strangers and now we are family. We no longer have to make awkward small talk or ask polite questions, we know each other. Maybe a little better than we'd like, but that's what it's like in a family, a community. It hasn't been an easy growth. But, when is growth ever easy? But, we are better for it and so is Refuge Community Church.

So think about us next Saturday night around 6ish, because as one chapter closes for Refuge Community Church another is starting. And I could not be more excited to see what is ahead of us.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life as I see it

Well, the past couple of months have been good! Just wanted to catch up on all that's been going on.

  • Refuge Community Church will be having our first service very soon! Still no building yet, but we do have an AWESOME music minister and of course pastor! ;) Chris had been making connections with some people to help with the building process and I feel completely confident that we will have a meeting place by Palm Sunday, which is when we kick off! Chris has been losing sleep over it, but I know that God is faithful.
  • I've been working out! Yes, it is true. I HATE working out, HATE it! But, it occurred to me that I was spending most of my time on the couch watching TV. And that is just not a life. So I've been walking/running with Rufus almost everyday after work or on the weekends. Granted I don't go very far, but I'm getting there.
  • I just finished reading Donald Miller's new book A Million Miles in a Thousand Years and it was seriously the best book I've read in a long time. It has changed me. As all good books should. It's all about the kind of story you are living and the character you are in your own story. It has made really think about the story I building with my life. Buy it and Read it! You won't regret it. Truly.
  • I've become kinda obsessed with party planning. I found a couple of blogs one night and was hooked. I'm definitely the kind of person that says "I can do that!", and then never does. So, now I am actually doing it. It doesn't seem hard, just time consuming and lots of attention to detail. Which I can commit myself to. I am having my "launch party" in a couple of weeks for one of the guys in our church. He is graduating from the Mission and so I wanted to throw him a party. It's a Green bay Packer theme, so green and gold. I'll put up pictures of how it turns out. I'm really excited.
  • Chris and I are planning a Taste of Texas trip this summer, because we miss all our favorite restaurants from all our favorite cities. So, hopefully we will be seeing many of our Texas friends!
I think that about wraps it up!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Words of the Wise Wednesday

"I gave in, and admitted that God was God"
C.S. Lewis