Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Gone is a flash!

These summer months have just flown. I seems like I just got back from my trip to Texas, but here it is August. Well a lot has happened the past month or so. Chris's dad died. It was sudden, or at least to us it was and it was sad. Chris has not talked to his dad in a long time and to be honest. I have always dreaded the day I would get that phone call. It came sooner than I expected, but isn't that how life is. Chris went to the funeral and he actually preformed it. Is that the proper way to say that? Well anyway, he spoke, read scripture and invited everyone to say happy or funny memories about his dad. He just might top the bravery list in my book.
Refuge had our first interest meeting last week. It went really great and I can't beleive it's all happening. Ten people showed up and probably 90% of those people will be involved in forming Refuge. We had dinner at our house, followed by a short intro. by Chris and then some handouts. Seems so official for something that has been just a thought for so long. And we have another interest meeting in a couple of weeks. Again, I am just so astounded in what God is doing and has done to get us to this place.
We also added another member to the Richardson family. Ivan the Siberian Husky. He is 10 weeks old and totally adorable. Things are crazy in the morning with two puppies, but manageable. We official have or will have two big dogs. We are now "those people".
And starting this weekend, we will also have two new roommates. The Kinsers are moving in this Friday! Yes, yes it is true. They are moving to Denver to help with the church and so Grant can finish up at Denver Seminary. They haven't been able to find jobs or housing, so they are moving in with us until the time being. I realize it sounds crazy and that it will probably be crazy, but we are about community and what better way to have community then to live it.
Below is a quick snapshot of our summer.