Sunday, March 22, 2009

Summertime Blues

I am longing for summertime in Denver. Today it was actually 80 degrees! I wore shorts and flip flops and was in heaven. This week it's supposed to snow a couple of days. I am praying that all the weathermen are wrong and it just stays this way. I'm ready for open toe shoes and short sleeve tops. But, all this nice weather has me thinking about my summertime plans. Here is what I want to do..

Concert at Red Rocks- DONE! Bought the tickets minutes ago.
Attend as many Rockies games as possible
Go white water rafting
See my parents in San Antonio- tickets on southwest are 69 bucks!
Move into a rent house in "Wash Park"
Buy another dog-that one is for you honey!
Fill every weekend with as many free festivals as possible
Buy a grill and grill out with friends all the time
Collect t-shirts of all the Denver sports teams. I dunno why, just seems right.
Go hiking in the mountains

Anyone want to come for the summer? I think it's going to be a fun one! We'll show you a good time.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

On my mind

Today I bought some new shorts. This makes me laugh because it snowed this week, but I couldn't resist. They are really cute and I can't wait for summer in Colorado. It's gonna be full of outdoor concerts, festivals and hopefully some white water rafting!

Our friends the Johnsons were here this week on their spring break skiing. It was so great having them here and really sad seeing them go. Chris and I love them and are always talking about how lucky we feel to have them as friends. They are the kind of friends that you can just pick up where you left off. The best kind of friends.

Rufus is getting bigger and bigger every day. I feel a little sad, cause soon he's gonna be a big dog and not a cuddly puppy anymore. He has figured out how to bark and that he likes to bark at all the small dogs in our apartment complex. I don't find that quite so adorable. Chris and I have been taking Rufus to a local dog park every Sunday. And let me tell you.... dog parks are the coolest! Lots of cool dogs and sometimes cool owners. Good place to meet people and invite them to a cool new church starting next year.

I am planning a St. Patrick's Day dinner. Yep! Corned beef and cabbage with red potatoes. Chris isn't as excited as I am, but I know it's gonna be good!

I am missing my parents so much that every time I think about them I start to tear up. Colorado feels like home, but it also feels like another continent from Texas. I am really hoping they come for a visit sometime soon. I'd like to see those Airhearts.

Someone's face I will be seeing soon is my dear friend Misty and her sweet family. Pregnant with her second baby, I can't wait to see her and catch up on things that we don't remember to say on the phone. Take her to lunch and just be.

Lastly, I know that I am incredibly gushy when it comes to Chris, but I can't help it. I love him. He is utterly and perfectly wonderful. So good to me and to everyone around him. I'm the lucky one.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Life is boring around here. Well, maybe not boring, but mostly Rufus consumed. Everything is kinda revolving around that dog. Find treats that he loves, the right kind of dog food, teaching him tricks (Chris is at least) and taking him to the dog park. I do love that little dog face though.

Other than that just working and same ole same ole.

Just working.

Told you... Dullsville.