Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I know... I know...

I am way over due for an update, but I was waiting to post some pictures of my house. And I didn't want to put any up until I had it looking cute. And I'm still in the process of making it cute. So alas, I will give a tiny update on life with the Richardson.
Chris is no longer working nights... Have I mentioned that? Because I should have. It's awesome having him home at night.
Rufus is growing bigger and cuter by the day. He is learning all sorts of tricks and loves his new backyard.
We love our new neighborhood, we can walk to a bunch of trendy shops and restaurants. See for yourself!The Highlands. Makes you want to visit us huh?
My job is really stressful and demanding right now. They had to shave hours off manager's schedule and cut their pay accordingly and it's basically up to me to bring in more residents to our nursing home so everyone can get their time and money back. My boss told me it's not personal, it's business. I almost quoted Kathleen Kelly from You've Got Mail to her, but it didn't really seem like the time. But just for the record, business is always personal. I'll move on.
The Cogsdils are moving here this weekend. I think it must be so amazing for Chris to see his dream start to shape and become reality. I also think it's amazing, and really glad to have more friends in Denver. I think it's incredible that people are moving here and leaving everything they know to be apart of Refuge. We are really blessed.
I now know why I moved to Denver.... for the summers! It hasn't gotten over 80 degrees the entire month of June. It rocks! On the other hand, we've had a ton of thunderstorms with hail and tornado watches. So, that doesn't rock so much.
And is anybody else worried about Jon and Kate Plus 8?! I am seriously stressed and upset about them. Chris thinks it's just a big media gig for more ratings, but why would anyone put themselves through that for ratings?! I've been praying for them... I know kinda dumb, but I can't help it!
And... I have roses growing in my front yard. This picture isn't them, but they look just like it!