Sunday, January 30, 2011

cleaning up

first off, please excuse my poor blog. i'm working on a new design and header, but i need to work on it from my home computer for several reasons. plus if really need help, i've got my husband, who can pretty much figure out anything. so stay tuned for some serious cuteness!

so my blog isn't the only that is needing some revamping, but life is too. on new years, i promised myself that this would be a good year. not emotionally unhealthy like this last one, but i didn't really put any steps into making it better, i just kept everything the same. as my husband pointed out, that's the definition of insanity. you know... doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results every time. so it came to a breaking point (as it usually does) and i realized that somethings have got to change. they just have to, or i really might go insane. so after a night of crying, talking (blubbering) to chris and taking a personal day off work, i'm FINALLY taking some real steps to making this a good year. to having a good life again.
this tuesday i'll be attending a support group for women struggling with getting pregnant. i'm actually really looking forward to it and think it will be a good step in dealing with this baby stuff . my hopes are that the meeting will help me to appropriate my feelings in a more positive way and meet some new friends. for now chris and i are waiting to go to the doctor for any testing. i realize that may sound crazy to some of you, but that's what we've decided and we feel peaceful about it for now.

i've also decided it's high time for me to get a hobby and i just can't count shopping as hobby anymore. so i'm going to take some sewing lessons in february. i grew up with two grandmothers who sew and both tried to teach me several times and i just wasn't interested. now, with one grandmother gone and the other declining in health, i really want to learn. i think it's something that will really give me some joy and encourage some creativity. plus i think it'll be fun! i hope to be updating about my first lesson and future projects.

last but not least i'm working on a planning a party. well, a reception to be more specific. our dear friends are going to have a baby dedication at refuge at the end of february and i asked if i could throw them a reception. i'm really excited and haven't thrown any good parties lately, so this one has my juices flowing! can't wait to get started! i'm thinking yellow and grey for the colors. check back for inspiration boards and ideas.

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eclecticViv said...

I think you should add throwing parties in that mix as well.

Looking forward to your blog redesign!