Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 2 & 3

So far we've done really well! Coffee from home every morning, packed lunches and some healthy, homemade dinners.

We did run into a bit of sticky moment today. Our friends the Arnolds's little baby is in the hospital right now and we wanted to bring them dinner. I was going to consider their dinner as an essential, because people we love are an essential, so I was ok taking it out of the bank account. Chris thought we'd be ok taking it out of our gas money, and so we did. We can make it work and I'm just really glad we were able to make it work so we could do something for our friends.

Chris does have a friend from college in town this week, and usually that means lots of activities and eating out. So, he will have to use his fun money if he wants to do any of those extracurricular activities and we'll have his friend and girlfriend over for dinner a couple of times while he's here. I love hosting and having people over, I don't know why I don't have people over more often for dinner. It's so much more personal!

All and all we are doing really well with our challenge. Hoping we can finish as strong as we started!

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Michelle said...

Great job on saving money! When we went down to one income, we had to do the same kind of things and we have really found some amazing blessings! We almost always have people over instead of going out and end up having lots of deeper conversations and so much fun! Just some other ideas that saved us a bundle- shop around on car insurance and energy prices (if that is an option). We ended up cutting our car insurance in HALF (same coverage) saving us $100 per month! Also saved about the same when we changed our home insurance. Also, the cheaper groceries will get easier! Once you hit your stride it won't take so long. Keep up the good work!