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This really encouraged me today. While I was reading this, I kept nodding in agreement. My office may might think I'm crazy. Anyway, thought I'd share it, if nothing else, I need the reminder.

Church Plant Connection
February 2, 2011 by Tiffany Cooper
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Tiffany Cooper

I’ve had the privilege to meet many church planters here at Leading and Loving It. As a church planter, I feel an instant connection! In fact, it made me think about the beginning days of our church. Here are few things that came to mind…the list is long so I’ll just mention a few:

Lead by Example: Much of ministry is simply leading by example, especially in the beginning stages of a church plant. Your work ethic, servant’s heart and attitude will set the tone for those partnering with your vision. This is a conscience decision, not one based on your feelings.
Push for Power: There are people who will use you in an attempt to get power, push their agenda and gain access to your husband. They may even try to use you as a secretary, trying to get info to your husband. I quickly learned to say, “If you call the church office they can help you with any question you have,” or “You know, I would feel terrible if I forgot to tell Herbert, it’s best that you call the office to make sure he gets the message.”
Shepherd vs. Friend: Do not seek your most intimate friendships with those in your church. They may happen over time but don’t seek them out. Embrace your role as a shepherd who directs and loves. I regret the times I got too close too soon. I have now found more intimate friendships with other pastors’ wives.
Come and Go: A large number of people who start with you will not stay. This was hard for me to grasp until it happened to us. Many, a lot, of the people that partnered with the vision we had for Peoples Church are no longer with us. There are many reasons for this. I encourage you to maintain a good attitude and handle those who leave with grace.
Renaissance Women: As a church planter you are a renaissance women. It’s not so much about serving in your area of passion as much as it’s about serving in the area of need. Okay, it’s more like you are serving in every area of need! Your great sacrifice will result in a great reward!
Minister to the Pastor: Church planting pulls you in many directions but your greatest ministry is to your husband. He needs your support, encouragement, strength, “I’ve got your back” attitude, and unconditional love. It will be harder than you think. It will require more of you than you think. Your goals and plans will likely happen differently than you anticipated. Most of all, you realize you don’t have all the answers and you can’t do it on your own.
Growth Track: If you’re like me, you will grow as a leader and learn more than you imagined possible in a short amount of time. Honestly, it wasn’t always by my choice, more out of necessity. I made some mistakes our of pure ignorance, usually small things that would be okay if I was anybody other than the PW

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