Thursday, December 30, 2010

Money, Money, Money

Money Fasting

Yep, that's what we're doing. Starting January 1st, the Richardsons will be on a cash fast. After spending some time looking at our budget and realizing how much we spend on the unnecessary. I mean it starts innocently enough.... running late in the mornings, so I'm going to grab a coffee and muffin at Starbucks. Oh, I don't like what I'm eating for lunch, I'll just zip through the drive thru and grab something. Hmm... I REALLY need those earrings at Target, and they're only $5.99 so I should get two! Yeah, all those little "innocent" purchases add up! So, we are going spend the next 21 days in a money fast.

So the rules are pretty simple. ONLY spending money on the essentials, like food, medicine and bills. For 21 days we'll inviting friends over for dinner rather than going out, taking our lunches to the office and watching old movies instead of hoping on down to the Redbox. And for a double threat we'll also be eating healthier and working out more. So, just three itty bitty things to keep myself accountable everyday. Um, yeah right! This challenge is going to stretch both Chris and me. Probably more me than him. I am not disciplined what so ever.

My hope is to update daily or every other day in order to keep myself accountable and if you're interested stop by and see our progress!

The goal is to see how money we save from our fast and put that towards one of those dreadful credit cards that needs paying off. Wish us luck!

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Sarah said...

Great idea Robin! You'll definitely have to keep us updated on how its going. This should probably mean no lunch at Pasquinis but I don't like the sound of that so I'll pay!